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Why Should You Choose The Internet Neighbor?

We have access to the fastest speeds, most coverage and best options for all of the Knoxville area. If you can get it at your house, we can get it for you!


Our goal is to get you the best value for internet services that are available to you! That means faster internet and lower prices creating a better deal for you.


We serve all over the country but our heart has always been in the South. We love Knoxville, live here and work hard to give you the best internet and customer service available anywhere in the country.


Although we serve Knoxville, we can actually get you the best internet services anywhere in Tennessee (and more)! Just call us when you get to where you are moving and we’ll hook you up with the best deals available.

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With The Internet Neighbor, You Get Everything You Need.

the Internet Service Neighbor is here to get you the best home services in all the places you need services: from internet, to home security, to television and even phone services.

So regardless of what you need, we work to get you the best offers, deals and promotions from all the companies we affiliate with. Which is almost all of them. So we have access to all the latest info and possibilities you can get.

Who Is The Internet Neighbor?

The Internet Service Neighbor of Knoxville, Tennessee is your friend in the home services business. We offer the best values for internet service, home tv and even phone services. With over 2 decades of experience, we know how to get what you want to be happy with your home service networks..

The Owner of The Internet Neighbor, Daniel

Daniel has been working hard to grow this business from the ground up for over 20 years. He has the industry connections, the know-how of internet and other services and the down-home country charm the South is known for. Combine all this and you have a great connection in the internet and tv service industry, too!

Oh, we also provide phone and home security options, too!

What Does This Mean For You?

Have you ever worn a tailored suit? It fits perfectly. The sleeves are just right, the pants are comfortable and everything just looks better, feels better and wears better over time. Same thing with a dress that has been tailored to your exact measurements. That’s what we offer in the realm of internet and TV services.

We have been hard at work making all the right connection in the industry so we can get you the most tailored service to your exact needs and wants in the place that you live. Although not all services are available everywhere, but we know what can be done and make sure you have the best available.

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